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Ventronics was established in January of 1972 as an international company for the manufacture of a variety of passive electronic components. Headquarters and warehousing are in Kenilworth, New Jersey. Also at this location are administration, engineering, quality control, sales, and marketing. Ventronics markets their products in North, South, and Central America, Europe and the Far East.

The emphasis now and in the future is in keeping pace with the technological demands and the requirements for various international markets. A Far East office was established in 1977 in a partnership with Mr. Ken Kuo. With the assistance of Mr. Kuo, we now have five factories producing a wide range of ceramic, film and aluminum capacitors, varistors, resistors of all types and a broad range of ferrite as well as transformers and magnetic devices. Ventronics is UL/CSA/VDE approved on transformers/ adapters, varistors, X2 and Y capacitors as well as relays.

President and founder, Mr. Joseph C. Venerus, was formerly marketing manager for Siemens of West Germany, handling component sales throughout North America. Prior to that, he was application engineer followed by marketing manager for Indiana General concentrating on ferrites and a variety of magnetic products. He has over 44 years of experience in the field of electronic components and magnetics.

Mr. Joseph Michael Pryor, Vice President of Operations, joined the company in 1975. Mike is a graduate of Ohio University and had formerly been the production control manager at J.B. Williams.

Mr. Ken Kuo, Vice President of Far East Operations, joined Ventronics and opened the office in Taipei, Taiwan. Ken is a graduate of the University of Oregon with a masters in business administration and has been extensively involved in international trade. Ken heads up our plant operations throughout the Far East and also, with his staff, controls the flow of material internationally.

Mr. Posey E. "Sam" Snead joined Ventronics as a Vice President of Engineering to further em phasize growth particularly in the areas of magnetics including ferrites, chokes, inductors, transformers, and power supplies. Sam brings with him 40 years of experience in associated fields with General Electric Company, Arnold Engineering Company , Krystinel Corporation, and Multi Products International.

Mr. Robert D'Amico joined Ventronics as Marketing Manager having had extensive experience in the field of magnetics and components. Bob formerly had been Product Marketing Manager for Siemens covering ferrites and magnetics. He also had served as Regional Manager for MMG on a variety of ferrite and magnetic devices.


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