printed circuit boards, capacitors,resistors, potentiometers,varistors,  thermistors, diodes, rectifiers,

quartz,crystal,oscillators, filters, piezoelectric devices, microcircuits, transformers, inductors, chokes,coils
" Keeping Pace with the Technological Demands of the
International Electronic Components Marketplace."

delay lines,emi filters/switching power supplies, led, lcd, switches,  line cords, cable assemblies,  fans
-----*Quartz Crystals
-----*Battery Packs

blowers, relays, SMD design, prototypes, pc boards, resistors- thick and thin film , resistor networks,

--*EMI Filters
--*Piezoelectric Devices
--*Line Cords
--*Cable Assemblies
--*Power Supplies
--*Thermal Cutoffs
*Printed Circuit Boards -   *Potentiometers -    *Delay Lines -   *Transducers -   *Chokes 

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